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We Interrupt This Blog.


So you know how lately my blog has been terribly infrequent and sometimes a secret mommy blog instead of blog about school psychology? I recently read a review on Amazon of my blog on Kindle that was entitled “Life gets in the way” and the reader lamented that after I had a baby my blog went downhill and asked me to “please get back on topic.” Ouch. I mean, it's true, but ouch.*

Well, fair warning…I’m not gonna be prolific or on topic for a while because I have a special announcement. I’ll give you a hint: It’s 8lbs, 12oz, and she has my eyes…

Yes, I made another person!

And so through sleep deprived haze, I write to you all to share the good news and let you know that I’ll do my best to keep the blog alive. But I’m loving how life has gotten in the way of my career right now. I mean, seriously. Teeny tiny baby feet are the cutest.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and I will return to the regularly scheduled blog when I’m not disabled by fatigue. :)

*Go through the archived posts. I was a hoot B.C. (Before Children). In related news, I also think I should post a new headshot because that perky gal in my profile pic mocks me with her pre-children energy. 

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