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Today is an important day. I'm certain it is on your calendar....


What better way to celebrate than to post a picture of a meerkat wishing me a happy day? I think that's a meerkat, anyway.

Now is the time when I reflect on my writing craft or something, right? I'll just put it this way: I cannot believe that all y'all are still reading after five years, and that I've had something decent to say for half a decade. Not to be all toot! toot! (my own horn), but I'm pretty dang proud of myself. It sounds cliche, but I truly would not be still blogging if it weren't for all my fabulous readers and "likers" on the Facebook page for the blog. You all continue to inspire me and your comments and support are like blogger crack. Can't get enough.

I remember when I first started posting into the ether, I would be fearful of pushing the "publish" button, in case someone was going to be critical of my writing. I would write, rewrite, fact check, cite others, and rewrite again. I rarely wrote about anything controversial. I could relate to kids who didn't want their teachers to read their writing. Writing is the personal made public. Over the years, I've grown to be more true to my writing and put things out there even if they aren't safe, warm and fuzzy, or let's face it, not even remotely poignant.*

I think of the evolution of the blog over the past 5 year as similar to the evolution of group therapy--at first, it's about the content, and then its really more about the process. I try to balance a bit of both, giving you all some good content through research and resources while still remaining true to the hardest part of being a school psychologist--that despite having the knowledge, good intentions, and energy, there are times when the process wears you down. But like my baby-not-so-baby-anymore who is learning to walk could teach us all, when you fall flat on your face and are laying there like an injured pancake, you just gotta get back up and try again. Each fall is a learning moment. And I thank you for being with me during my career as I share with you both the successes and pancake-like falls in my journey in the profession of school psychology.

So in the spirit of keeping you all coming back for the next 5 years, I offer to you a Blogiversary gift of another give-a-way of my book, The School Psychologist's Survival Guide! Just comment here or on Facey Face about anything on your mind--meerkats, blogiversaries, lessons from the field, how long you've been reading the blog, thoughts on the blog's next five years, the writing process, or survival tips for your colleagues. It's a free-for-all, people. I just want to hear from you. :) I'll order your comments and use a random number generator to pick us another winner. Good luck!

And seriously, thanks so much for reading these past five years.

*There is still a part of me that fears my blog will jump the shark and I will be writing to crickets. Until you all drop off the Facebook Fan Page though, I'm just gonna keep going.


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