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Together, We Could Probably Raise a Super Nerd.


I realize everyone is in major b2s (back to school) mode right now, but if I may, I have some nerdy news. First, the backstory:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with my Internet BFF, Mrs. Mimi of Its Not All Flowers and Sausages. If you don’t know about her yet, pop by her blog and def poke through the archives of her posts working as a teacher in NYC. And actually, to be more exact, when I say I “met up with her,” I basically invited myself to her vacay in southern Cal because I’m in NorCal and I figured the odds of me, hubby, and Baby B flying across the country to NYC again in the near future will be slim to none. Girlie doesn’t like to be contained like that. Nor do I.

Anyhoo, upon our arrival it took about 4.2 seconds for Mimi and me to begin exchanging nerdy compliments about each other’s babies.

Me: I love how Mini Mimi is pointing at objects to indicate interest, then socially referencing me through eye contact, thus demonstrating theory of mind!

Mimi: Look at how Baby B has concepts of print already, holding the text right side up.

My husband:

Her husband:

Yeah, the men folk didn’t get how amazing these tasks were. Humph!

So yesterday, I was reading a board book about shapes and colors to Baby B and she pointed to the hair bows of a girl holding a blue oval and then pointed to her own hair bows! She made her first text-to-self connection, people! I excitedly looked over at my parents, who happen to be in town for her 1st birthday:

Me: OMG! Did you see that? Her first text-to-self connection!



It was clear I needed a different audience to appreciate this milestone. I remember Mini Mimi’s first Text-to-Self connection, so I emailed Mrs. Mimi right away and got an email back congratulating me and asking if she also used her baby sign to say, "I like bows, mommy."* Ahhhh, someone who gets my nerdy love of developmental milestones. I bet we could have a nerd-off with the documentation in our kiddos’ baby books.

I promise, I’ll write about something that involves school psychology again one day. Just not when there is nerdy news to be shared. 

* We are still working on the baby sign. We've been signing "milk" every day since she was born, but she won't do it. But she does "gorilla" and "hat" which are also useful, if you happen to want to put a hat on a gorilla.
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