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Apparently, I Used to Be Fun.

 One of the great side effects of blogging is hearing from readers. Now like Yelp, I usually hear from readers who LOVE the blog and then from people who like to criticize. It's either 5 stars or 1 star comments, so to speak. My inner critic always gets a little twinge when I get negative feedback. It's probably because sometimes, there is a kernel of truth in the criticism.

Recently, a reader asked if my blog was going to be fun again. What? I’m not fun anymore?

Part of me must admit, I have far less blog content not being in the schools every day. Now that it’s summer, the material is definitely scarce. And true, stories about Baby B’s development aren’t going to cut it for weekly posts either (dang it, she’s my favorite topic). As a result, I have MAJOR writer’s block. Even Amazon Kindle sent me an email threatening to cut me off if I didn’t post something. The pressure! So, I think of a post and then freak out that 4000 people will read it and think, “Meh. She used to be fun.” I asked people on my Facebook page for the blog to give advice, and people said to just write something. So here you go—a mediocre post.

While I suffer through my writers block, another part of me wants to whine, “Heyyyyy, you don’t think I’m still fun since I took time off to be with my baby?” I have to admit, while some readers may not think I’m fun anymore, this has been the best year of my life to date. Being a mom as my job is awesome.

I mean, I get to go to baby sign language class and learn how to sign all the animals, just in case there is an escaped lion at the zoo and Baby B sees it first and she can alert me when even though she is pre-verbal.

I get to take baby Spanish class and sing about mariposas while dancing around with scarves as my wings as Baby B squeals in delight.*

I get to take naps with an adorable tiny person on my chest.

I get to see cognitive development happen before my eyes in subtle and remarkable ways. When you know the social skills behind Peek-a-Boo, it makes it more than a silly baby game--it's significant learning! Being a mama really is the best vacation I’ve ever had from the chaos and madness of being a school psychologist in a large urban school district. This break just might be the best burnout prevention intervention ever. And while my posts may not be fun right now, I know that Baby B thinks I’m fun. Because this is my life lately (excuse the commercial in the clip):

Yep, I have my Masters in Got Your Nose and my Ph.D. in Peek-a-Boo. And I can assure you all, my Peek-a-Boos are not aggressive and do not have too much masculine energy!

So be patient, friends, I will be back in full swing with fun posts about dysfunction junction in the schools (and advice for surviving it all) in the fall. In the meantime, [shameless plug alert] you can read my new book, which is full of fun stories and information about surviving the crazy life of a school psychologist! Hey, you can’t blame me for the shameless plug, all these baby classes aren’t free. ;)

 *My bestie makes fun of me and all my baby classes. She left a voicemail the other day saying, “You’re probably at baby French cooking class, so call me when you get back.” Humph! Shows what she knows, I was at Kindermusic, singing under a parachute.

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