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It’s Shameless Self Promotion Month!


I promise, there will only be 75 more posts, tweets, and Facey Face status updates about my new book, The School Psychologist’s Survival Guide. I can’t help it, I am so excited that my book baby was finally born! It took longer to make this book than it did to make my actual baby. I wish I was Oprah so I could (as one reader put it), give out a copy to everyone and yell, “EVERYONE GETS A COPY!” I would totally put them under people’s chairs at NASP if I had Oprah money. I would probably put it in a gift basket with other survival tools, such as pens, pencils, energy bars, coffee, margarita mix…oh wait, cancel that last one. Not appropriate for work.

I’m loving the feedback on the Facebook page from people who have received the book. It’s kind of like when you’re driving and you let someone in and you are doing it because you want to, but then they give you the “thanks! wave” and you feel even better about your deed. I wanted to write this book forever to help out newbies and folks on the edge of burnout, but to get the proverbial “Thanks! wave” from you all makes it even more amazing.*

I am so glad that school psychologists now have a reference book to turn to when they have burning questions such as:

• What do I do when a principal calls me and tells me there’s an emergency at my school and asks me what to do?
• How do I react when a kid balks at testing with me? (like the time a girl screamed at me, “Go away! I ain’t no *bleeeeeeeepidy bleep bleeping” special ed!”)
• How do I delicately explain to a parent that their child has Autism? A Learning Disability? Emotional Disturbance? Isn’t eligible even though she is not meeting standards?
• What do I do when a staff member “goes rogue” in an IEP meeting and disagrees with my testing?
• How do I handle a group counseling session that turns into a WWE wrestling session?
• What do I do if a kid tells me she is suicidal?
• How do I find a space to work in that is a) not a janitor’s closet full of toxic chemicals, b) an old elevator shaft, or c) shared with 8 hojillion people with no privacy?
• How do I handle the stress of the job? (Hint: It’s not eating stray donuts in the teacher’s lounge at 2pm every day. Dang it.)

These questions and more are covered in my book! It’s like having your own emergency go-to guide for the sticky situations we all encounter as school psychologists. And we all know it’s crazy season right now, trying to get everything done before the end of the school year, so couldn’t you treat yourself to a little something something off Amazon.com? Yes, I believe you could.

Also, know that proceeds for the book go to a good cause: Baby B’s preschool fund. Turns out one year of PreK is as expensive as all four years of my college education. Who knew!?! I just know you all support early childhood education, so order now!

*The BEST “Thanks! wave” of all is a review on Amazon.com. Um…erm… *shuffles feet and looks at floor* if anyone wants to write a review, I’ll be your best friend.

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