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Free inspiration!


I fear this post will go to everyone's junk mail, because it is an offer of something for FREE with no strings attached! My publisher, Kaplan, is offering my book, The Teachable Moment: Seizing the Instants When Children Learn for FREE this week on the following e-readers: Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iPad, and Sony eReader! So if you got one for Xmas, load it up!

So sorry, the book is not available on Kindle yet, but feel free to tell Amazon.com you want it on Kindle here. Just click on the lower left hand corner text box requesting it to be made available on Kindle.

The book will be available from January 4-10, 2011 at www.FreeKaplaneBooks.com. There are also another 129 titles for free, so browse around.

Go get yourself some free inspiring stories of reaching the difficult-to-reach child for FREE! Or as my yoots say, you can have it all for "Free.99."

Happy reading!

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