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New Years’ Day Analysis.


Happy New Year! If only I was technically fancy enough to make little virtual balloons and streamers fall from this page. Maybe next year.

In an homage to 2009, I have analyzed the most popular posts of 2009 from Notes From the School Psychologist, measured crudely by number of comments. There are a few posts that were my absolute favorite, and they were comment duds. Who knew? Like a good scientist-practitioner, I plan to tailor my 2010 posts based on your wants and needs. Judging that anything with “strategies” did well, I’m guessing you want practical stuff. Who doesn’t? Done. I also see that you want more posts with kittens, awkward conversations, and of course, urine. You’re a sick and twisted bunch! Just kidding, I love you people. Without further ado, the most popular blog posts of 2009:

January: Strategies for Visual Motor Integration

February: A Day in the Life of a School Psychologist

March: What I Have Learned About Executive Functioning From Planning my Wedding (By default—this was the only one I posted in March. I was busy crafting the perfect day).

April: Bride-chilla (Again, by default. It was all wedding, all the time)

May: Crisis Management (Seriously, I was obsessed. This was about a wedding crisis).

June: Awkward Conversation #247 in which I try to explain mental retardation to a borderline mentally retarded teenager. Awk-ward.

July: Judgy-Judgerson Gets a Karmic Punch in the Face (By default, this was my only post in July. I guess I had writers-blogque. I liked this one though).

August: Must. Write. About. Kittens. Kittens? Who knew?

September: Free to Be You and Me…and Pee?. “Urine” luck you don’t send your kid to this school…

October: Making Lemonde, Blog Posts and Whatnot. Enter: Stepford Elementary.

November: "Strategery”. Strategies for teaching reading comprehension.

December: Thrice Bitten, Not Shy. Who doesn’t love a good post about vampire children?

Thanks to all of you fabulous readers for sticking with me through all of the ups and downs of 2009! I wish you all a glorious 2010 in the classroom and beyond!

With much gratitude,



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