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Can I Get a What What for My Internet Best Friend?

I have a secret Internet best friend. It may be a bit premature, but I have ordered the “Best Friends” heart necklace, in which one of us gets half of the heart saying “Be Fri” and the other gets the half that says “st ends.” No need to alert my husband of my inappropriate Internet relationship, it’s strictly work-related. I am talking about my good friend, Mrs. Mimi, teacher and author of the blog, Its Not All Flowers and Sausages (linky thing not working: here it is: www.itsnotallflowersandsausages.blogspot.com)

Not only is she fabulous, but she has just written a book about her adventures in teaching 2nd grade that made me miss not one, but TWO train stops when I was reading it on my morning commute. I give it a TWO MISSED STOP rating*. My highest yet. Let’s put it this way, I only missed ONE stop in reading my favorite book of all time, Jane Eyre. So basically, it’s better than a classic, at least if you are an educator. It captures all the delicious nonsense in schools that I so enjoy writing about on this blog, mixed in with tales of the joys of working with such wonderful little friends every day in schools.

And just to show off how we are BFFs, the book, entitled "It's Not All Flowers and Sausages: My Adventures in 2nd Grade" hasn’t even come out yet….nerdy me got an advanced copy through a twitter contest. I swear, I’m not stalking this woman. We just share a similar love of writing about finding the lighter side of working in the public schools.

You can get your copy now on preorder, and it comes out September 1st—just in time for a good laugh as you return to school. It’s available here at Amazon.com.

Just be prepared to miss your train stop or embarrass yourself laughing out loud.

*Incidentally, I could also give it a 47 laugh-out-loud-and-have-commuters-stare-at-you rating, if you prefer.

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