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My Media Darlings

It turns out that once you do one thing in the media, it apparently catches on. Who knew? My kids and I were on the local news the other night about the Letters to Obama project. Check it out by clicking here. There is one part in which I am in the corner talking to kids.

My friend, whose wife is a school psychologist, emailed me when he saw it and said, "Great job! But why do they always put the school psychologist in the corner???" I laughed out loud because we are totally behind the scenes kind of people, as evidenced by the last two offices I have had in schools being in the back of the stage of the auditorium, literally, behind the scenes. What the camera didn't get that day was me totally tearing up when they read their letters. They were so powerful and I can't wait to take them to inauguration for the kids. Note to secret service: I sound kind of stalker-y in the piece, but just remember it's more of a symbolic getting the letters to Obama!

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