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Teaching Tips Tuesday: Take One

Right, so this is an experiment to see if I am SO 21st century and am able to pull off this "Mr. Linky" automated link situation. The basic idea of Teacher Tip Tuesday is to have you all post tips that work in the classroom or at home when teaching kids. The full guidelines and how to work this newfangled linky thing are here.

So what is my first tip? Well, since it's Holiday Break, I thought I'd be lazy and post a few of my old favorites from 2008. What? It's vacation! Plus, who doesn't love a "Best of 2008" list? Further, recycling is so hot right now.

1. How to make studying (more) fun using fly swatters or dingers

2.Using hip hop to teach multiplication

3.Why punishment doesn't always work in the classroom

4.How to be optimistic even when your car is stolen

5.My arranged marriage to Barney (aka What is play therapy?)

6.Checklist for new teachers

7.Dealing with teasing

8.Obama's impact on urban education

9.How to run an anger management group and not accidently form a gang

10. Forget about deadlines! There's still time for teachers to write a story for "The Teachable Moment" book and get some extra cash


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